Nutritional Analysis

I am a new member and I can’t find the nutritional analysis database. I have many books with a lot of information. But, I am seeking information on more ethnic foods. In particular, Thai (Pad Thai and Panang Chicken) and Polish.

Can you help? Read more »

Mind Weary? Here’s Help

You have a difficult time concentrating on any one thing because you have so many irons in the fire, and chances are you’re not getting enough sleep either. Read more »

Using Herbs As Antibiotics

Antibiotics have experienced a bad rap recently. Although since their discovery antibiotics have eliminated the threat of death from many infectious diseases, they are now being rendered ineffective due to the ability of bacteria to develop resistance to these drugs. Read more »

Blood Cholesterol

While there’s plenty of evidence linking excess cholesterol to cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke, we do need normal levels of this key building block of essential hormones for healthy functioning. Fortunately, there are simple lifestyle and medicinal strategies to keep excess cholesterol from piling up in your arteries. Read more »

Make Balance Your Resolution

If you make only one resolution this year, try to achieve becoming a holistically balanced person. No, it’s not New Age babble by an incense-burning woman in a pink-flowered dress. It’s reality if your goal is to find your health, lose your weight and max out your potential. Read more »

My Experience With Cancer

The American Heart Association states that over 200,000 women will experience some form of cancer each year. Breast cancer attacks more than 175,000 women a year, 12,800 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer and 25,200 with ovarian cancer. Read more »

Overweight Need to Exercise More

Your overweight members are exercising, but they’re still not losing substantial amounts of weight. Why? Because many of these members exercise well below the U.S. health recommendation of 30 minutes per day, five days a week. Read more »

Training Habits That Make A Difference! Part 2

4. Set Training Goals

Most people have an idea, whether they realize it or not, of how good a martial artist they want to be. Not all of us want to be the next Bruce Lee (though some of us do). Others are just looking for improved health, confidence, an ability to protect one’s self or an escape from the daily “rat race”. Read more »

Training Habits That Make A Difference! Part 1

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit’ -Aristotle.

In this series, we will examine training habits that can take your martial arts training to a higher level! For beginning practitioners, these tips are a good starting point. Read more »

Some Personal Observations

Sun style Tai Chi is just plain fun. That’s my first reason for studying and practicing it. At first, the follow-up steps seemed awkward, but I very quickly became caught up in the natural flow of the form and started experiencing the power of qigong that the moves call out. Read more »

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