Erectile dysfunction, Psychological effects.

It is true, erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as male impotence, can be the result of medical and/or emotional causes, but it will almost always have a psychological impact. This problem has been known to have partners cross ethical boundaries and it has torn happy families apart.

Erectile dysfunction does not need to be a problem anymore because there are so many options available for the physical aspect, but the mental side could become more damaging than ever expected. Don’t lose sight of the emotional stress that erectile dysfunction puts on your sex partner.

Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction: Male impotence effects both partners, particularly if it is an ongoing problem. One very obvious consequence is a noticeable change in the relationship overall, as well as in the couple’s level of intimacy. If left untreated, this problem can lead to the male losing self esteem and developing the symptoms of depression. Over time, there can be an enduring fear of failure.

Once the male becomes depressed about the problem, all aspects of his life become affected. Some men with this problem uncharacteristically lose their tempers very quickly and with little provocation. There are some men who have this problem and become completely isolated socially due to intense shame or fear of facing the world.

Some men have considered seeking medical help, but because they are embarrassed or they are waiting for the problem to just go away, they do not seek help. They start to think that it is their personal problem and they don’t want to share this issue with their partners. This is where the male makes a big mistake — he does not talk to his partner so that they can find a solution together. The male may not understand that his problem is hurting his partner, too.

The partner may feel that if she asks questions, the man may not want to talk about it or she may hurt his feelings. The big question here is how long can this continue before something needs to be done? The partner may start to feel that she is not attractive enough for him, or that she can not sexually satisfy him anymore. The female may fear that she is pushing him during sexual encounters and it may cause him more emotional pain. Eventually one of the partners, and in some cases it is the female, may start to reject the other because they are scared to try again out of fear of failure. This problem often stops communication and the male feels embarrassed and inadequate. Both partners start to withdraw from each other, the problem does not get resolved, and the partners may separate.

It is very important for the man to be able to talk about this problem with his partner and his doctor so they can come to a solution. Once a solution to the problem is located, it could help to resolve the problem and restore the relationship to normal.

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